The Hamilton Aviary provides a sanctuary for those in need of homing and healing.

We are more than volunteers. We are stewards preserving the beauty of aviculture for generations to come. Our activities inspire visitors to develop a deeper connection with nature and form a community of compassionate caretakers.

Our Mission is to advocate for exotic birds; rehabilitate and retrain; educate and foster academics; focus on the heath and wellness of people and birds; and create a beautiful attraction and destination.

We seek to use the Aviary and our flock as an educational tool to improve awareness of nature, conservation, and the many aspects of responsible care required by exotic birds.

Our Vision: Healing Hamilton with humanity, compassion, and feathered friends. For our community. For the love of birds.

We don’t just rehabilitate and care for exotic birds.

We also heal human hearts.

be the wind beneath their wings! Time to show the Birds you care!

The Friends of the Aviary is a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers. Together, along with the support of donations from our community, we strive to ensure that our flock receives the love and care it needs to thrive! Show your love of birds today and donate


Calling all volunteers!

Our volunteers are the heart of the flock! If you have an interest in volunteering with our avian friends, sign up and start your new friendship today! Volunteering with the Aviary provides the opportunity to:

  • Get involved in your community and help care for the well-being of avian exotics

  • Take part in the development of the Aviary and its future

  • Work as part of a team

  • Gain skill and knowledge before acquiring your own companion bird

  • Add to your resume or school experience

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that Hamilton has an Aviary. Let’s blow the lid off of Hamilton’s best kept secret! We are open currently every Saturday from 1-4PM, but please reach out to us to organize private tours if those times don’t work for you. The birds love having visitors and admission is FREE. Donations much appreciated! Check out our Facebook and Instagram. Follow, like, and share!

Be A Voice

Please contact your Ward Councilor and the Mayor, and let them know that the Hamilton Aviary is important to you. Tons of people care about these birds - it’s time to let the City know. Email the Public Works Committee Staff Liaison and get your support on public record! The Public Works Committee decides our fate, it can be found here.