The Hamilton Aviary provides a sanctuary for those in need of homing and healing.

We are more than volunteers. We are stewards preserving the beauty of aviculture for generations to come. Our activities inspire visitors to develop a deeper connection with nature and form a community of compassionate caretakers.

We don’t just rehabilitate and care for birds. 

We also heal human hearts.

The Hamilton Birds Need Your Help!


New volunteers

We need new volunteers to help care for the birds. We have morning and evening shifts available - just email us and we can let you know all the details. Spread the word and join us!


Fundraising Committee 

Interested in supporting the birds by organizing events and reaching out to new opportunities? We have the place for you on our Fundraising committee! Send us an email - we’d love to have you. As well, if you or someone you know can host a third-party fund-raiser, help us with special events, secure in-kind donations, or help with anything else, be sure to get in touch with us!


A Voice

Please contact your Ward Councilor and the Mayor, and let them know that the Hamilton Aviary is important to you. Tons of people care about these birds - it’s time to let the City know.


A New HomE

Help us find a new home for the flock, so the birds can continue to have their long-lasting and familiar care, and so the aviary can continue to be a source of joy, wellness, and wonder for the community of Hamilton. PLEASE contact us with any leads!



Let the Aviary be the feather in your corporate giving cap. Or become a partner and help us soar into the future! Maybe you want to sponsor a favorite bird? If you are interested in sponsoring the Aviary and the birds, let’s talk!


Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that Hamilton has an Aviary. Let’s blow the lid off of Hamilton’s best kept secret! We are open currently every Saturday from 1-4PM, but please reach out to us to organize special visits if those times don’t work for you. The birds love having visitors and admission is FREE. Donations much appreciated!



Currently, financial support from the City of Hamilton is set to end as soon as we move. We need finances to make sure our flock is happy and healthy. Any amount helps with the care of our feathered friends! Donations can be made in person or from our Facebook page.



If you are a professional with a background in accounting, board governance and fundraising - we are looking for your help. Please get in touch with us via email!